What Can Elite Do For You? 50 Jobs To Delegate To Your VA.

What can elite do for youMaybe you should consider delegating some of your tasks to a virtual assistant.  You might be surprised just how much time and effort you can save with a VA.  Of course, the first question is, “What do I delegate to a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistant services have grown dramatically in popularity and offerings. With today’s technologies, a VA can work from anywhere and be a direct contributor to your business. Depending on the service you select, they can even be a representative for your company.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing 10 projects that your virtual assistant can be handling so that you can focus on running your business. That is why you started your business, right? You would rather be selling your product or creating the work that makes you happy than dealing with…

Administrative Support:

1.) Calendar Management: Let your virtual assistant handle your day to day meetings, tasks and appointments. By sharing your calendar with your assistant, they can input your meetings, cancel meetings and be a reminder service to you & your clients.

2.) Email Management: Have a full inbox? Let us handle it for you! You will have thought you have the spam fairy on your side with us. Spam will be gone with a virtual assistant! Have an important email, but do not have the time to reply? Let us reply on your behalf.

3.) Setup and do regular maintenance on a database. If you have an old shoebox full of business cards and would like them to be organized by vendor type or by city, state. These are just a few of the many different types of databases your virtual assistant can do for you.

4.) Surveys: Need to know what your target marketing is looking for? Need to know where your clients hang out at? Let us do a survey for you. We can also find out how your clients are loving your products and do an online customer satification survey.

5.) Handouts & Presentations: Need a Powerpoint complete with transitions and music? Let us handle it. Need graphs in Excel showing your marketing or sales forecast?

6.) Mailing List: Have email or mailing addresses needing to be entered into your email campaign management system? We can update it for you and keep it up to date.

7.) Thank You Service: Need to thank your top clients? We can help you organize and send thank you gifts that will keep your clients coming back to you for more!

8.) Reminder Service: Have an unpaid invoice or need to send your client a birthday card? Let your virtual assistant do it for you.

9.) Documents: Need a document formatted or converted from Word into PDF? Or have a document that needs just a little tweaking to look like a million bucks? Let Elite Administrative Consulting handle it.

10.) Internet Research: Want to impress your top client with a nice dinner meeting? Let Elite Administrative Consulting help with your dinner plans by researching restaurants, clubs and more.


In next week’s blog, we will continue the 50 plus ways you can use your virtual assistant.