Marketing and Social Media

In last week’s blog, we discussed 10 projects that your virtual assistant could handle so that you could focus on running your Marketing and Social Mediabusiness. In today’s blog, we continue it with the next 20 projects…

11.) Social Media: Setup and maintain your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or Linkedin accounts. Let your virtual assistant schedule and handle your tweets about your company’s newest product release. Running a contest or a free giveaway on Facebook? Let us handle it for you.

12.) Press Releases: A virtual assistant can write and distribute your press releases.

13.) Website Design & Maintenance: Want a fresh new home page or need broken links fixed? We can help!

14.) Blog: We can help you with your blog set up and writing content in popular formats such as WordPress or Blogger.

15.) Marketing: A virtual assistant can help your company grow its business by submitting Google AdWords, and get you placed on the map with Google Places and more!

16.) SEO: Let your virtual assistant help your site stay near the top in search engines by combing your website for new and fresh keywords.

17.) Chat forums and Online Chat lines: Let Elite Administrative Consulting monitor your customer service online chat lines and help keep spam out of your chat forums.

18.) Media Kits: Need your new product line to go out dealers and vendors? Let Elite help your design and package your kits for delivery.

19.) Copywriting and proofreading: Let your virtual assistant help you with proofreading and writing your copy for your website, newsletter or brochures.

20.) E-commerce & Affiliate Management: Need your e-commerce store/shopping cart maintained? We can help you by adding new products, new descriptions, etc.

Have an affiliate program?

Let us help you manage it!