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In last week’s blog, we discussed 10 projects that your virtual assistant could hanDesktop Publishingdle so that you could focus on running your business. In today’s blog, we continue it with the next 10 projects…






21.) Announcements: Have a new product release? Let us help with your announcement.

22.) Need a company flyer? Let your virtual assistant design and write your next flyer. Your VA can make your company look great with nicely designed flyer that “pops.” Your virtual assistant can help you with distribution.

23.) Letterhead: Let Elite Administrative Consulting create a complete package for your company from letterhead to business cards to envelopes.

24.) Business Cards: Need business cards with a Quick Response Code? Let your virtual assistant design your business cards.

25.) Thank you cards: Let Elite Administrative Consulting design and write your thank you cards to your clients. We can even help you mail them.

26.) Address Labels: Need address labels made for a mass mailing? Let your VA handle it. Need company return labels made with your logo? We can do it.

27.) Invitations: Have an open house or a company party? Let us handle designing and sending out your invitations, so you can grow your business.

28.) Newsletter: Have a long list of email addresses that you have collected over the years? Let Elite Administrative Consulting merge them into a mailing list and design and send out an email campaign on your behalf.

29.) Postcards: Need a mailing campaign for a special offer? Let Elite Administrative Consulting design and mail out your next special offer!

30.) Miscellaneous: Need giveaway or new promo items? Let us help you by designing bookmarks, door hangers, calendars and more!

In next week’s blog, we will continue with 50 ways you can use your virtual assistant.