Event Planning and Personal Concierge

Event PlanningIn last week’s blog, we discussed 10 projects that your virtual assistant could handle so that you could focus on running your business. In today’s blog, we continue it with the next 10 projects…

31. Travel arrangements – whether it is for business or pleasure, allow your Virtual Assistant to make all arrangements for you including: air, hotel, and car rental.

32. Scrapbooking- yes many Virtual Assistants are very creative and would be happy to help you create the perfect scrapbook!

33. Personal shopping

34. Personal reminder service – you will never forget a birthday or anniversary with the help of your Virtual Assistant!

35. Dinner recommendations and arrangements – whether it’s personal or business, your Virtual Assistant can research and reserve dinner reservations for you.

36. Out of town but don’t want your clients to answer to a machine? Your Virtual Assistant can be your own personal answer service.

37. Event research – your Virtual Assistant can research venue, vendors and dates for your upcoming event.

38. Event registration – guests will be accounted when your Virtual Assistant keeps track of event registration.

39. Name tags and welcome packages- Your Virtual Assistant can create and maintain guest name tags and informative welcome packages.

40. Write a press release – let the world know about your event by having your Virtual Assistant write and distribute a press release.



In next week’s blog, we will continue with 50 ways you can use your virtual assistant.