SEO / Web Marketer

In last week’s blog, we discussed 10 projects that your virtual assistant could handle so that you could focus on running your business. In today’s blog, we continue it with the final 10 projects…

41) Site Analysis
42) Keyword Research for Blog Content
43) Competitor Analysis
44) Landing Page Set-up/Creation
45) Web Master Submission
46) Sitemap Submissions
47) On-page optimization for a post / page
48) Creating a Social Bookmarking Tracking Sheet
49). Blog Commenting – Off Page Optimization
50) Weekly / Monthly Google Analytics & Traffic Reports


As you can see, the list of tasks that virtual workers can handle for you is about as diverse as the roles that are available at our disposal as business owners.

The fact is that working with VA’s has gone far further than most people ever thought possible. It’s more than just filtering email and managing your social media (although that’s covered, too!). It’s about business growth. It’s about waking up and understanding that, as business owners, we shouldn’t be doing half the stuff that we are doing on a day to day basis!

I hope this list serves as a bit of a spring board for some of you yet to take the VA plunge, and perhaps a ‘go to’ source of additional potential, for those of you that are already utilizing the power of virtual staff in your business.