6 Tips To Grow Your Customer Base Using Social Media

Social media concept

Yeah yeah, I know – it’s time consuming, it’s difficult to know how to engage with them properly, it’s another item on the list when you’ve already got lists coming out of your ears! But yes, it’s also an important one to attract, gain and retain customers.

Using social media channels to interact and engage with your customer’s doesn’t have to be tough though. And heck, if you really find it hard or genuinely don’t have the time, find a VA who can do it for you. But one thing I’d mention here, is make sure the VA you hire is given all they need to do the job well.

You know your business inside out. You know your customer’s inside out. You are best placed to use social media to the fullest.

But if you can’t, you need to take the time upfront to brief whoever you hire so they have all the knowledge they need to make it worth your investment in them. Otherwise you may as well not bother at all.

But you should!

Why? Because it’s easy business.

Your customers are using Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora. They’re there just waiting for you to reach out to them.

So follow this simple guide to stay on track in just a few minutes every day …

1) Find out the best social media sites for your business.

This takes a little research, so if you don’t have the time it’s the perfect task for a VA to take on for you.

Spend time locating where your target market hangs out. There’s no point in spending your precious time on Facebook if none of your potential customers are. Then once you have that information simply allocate some time each day to engaging and connecting.

2) Ask questions and make comments.

Kick off a conversation by posing a question to your target market. Make it as interesting as possible so you get responses. Use hashtags so it reaches a wider audience. Be controversial, witty, mysterious – something that catches the attention of your readers.

And comment on your TA’s updates. What are they discussing? Don’t just think one-sided. In fact this can be much easier and it also helps to portray your business as a business that cares. A business that’s willing to offer help and advice for nothing. Not one that’s only interested in making a quick buck!

3) Answer questions and comments.

As above, find out what people are asking and answer them – if you know how! Don’t be afraid to jump in, most will appreciate the input and it opens your business up to another prospect.

And don’t forget to check in to respond to anyone who’s commented on your questions or general musings. It’s called ‘Social’ media for a reason – keep it that way!

4) Engage with communities.

Find communities that are relevant to your business or your target market, or both! It’s a great way to reach more people and ultimately scout for new business. The easiest way to do this is via hashtags or using the search facility offered by all social media channels.

5) Run competitions – no matter how small.

Want to get people enthused and motivated to follow you – run a competition. The prize doesn’t have to be a Porsche, unless you can afford it of course (now that will get you A LOT of fans!), but something relevant to your key demographic.

Come on, you know your customers, what is it that would get them excited and want to take part?

Find it. Use it. And see your customer-base grow.

6) Keep it real.

My final piece of advice when it comes to social media – be yourself. If you try to be anything but, you’ll get found out eventually. Your posts won’t sound genuine and you’ll lose your customers to the competition.

Don’t try and be something you’re not. And more importantly, don’t try to make your business something it’s not. Customers are looking for reliable, trustworthy businesses to part with their hard earned cash. So don’t insult them. Keep it real.