How to Get Customers From Instagram

Instagram is a popular10040668044_e41bb1cc85 social media platform that has over 150 million active users. On this visual platform, users can take photos and videos, customize them using filters and share them with their followers. Businesses have often ignored Instagram as a vital marketing tool, but in fact it can offer a substantial business reach if used effectively. Here are some ways businesses can court their customers on Instagram.

Showcase who you are

Instagram is the perfect platform to show users who you are and what you do. Make sure you complete your profile with relevant information and links leading to appropriate brand pages, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and website. This will allow your customers to find out more about your products and services if they so choose.

Use hashtags to find customers

There are people online who are already talking about your business and you can use hashtags to find them. Hashtags are a marvelous way to connect with potential customers, follow them, like their posts, engage them, and build relationships with them.

Engage your customers

You customers want to be engaged on Instagram. You can do this by tagging them, talking to them, using your location and checking in with other businesses. You can increase the reach of your message when you add layers to your posts.

Be consistent

While it is important for you to post frequently, it is also just as important not to saturate your Instagram account with irrelevant content. You can engage customers better when you are consistent.  Just a few posts a day should do it.

Display your products

You can use Instagram to allow your followers to window shop for your products. Allow users access to a few of your products on offer or share photos of lesser-known or new products. For a unique and interesting way to engage followers, use extreme close-ups.

Bring your followers along with you

Followers find it more interesting when they are virtually taken on a journey by businesses or brand that they engage with on social media. So the next time you are going for a conference or a trade show, share interesting photographs from the event so that followers feel they are along for the ride.

Conduct Instagram contests
Instagram contests are a poignant way to engage customers and collect information that could turn into leads and subsequently sales. Submissions can be shared with the use of hashtags. Use a unique hashtag, and ask your followers to participate in the contest by sharing photos. Integrate these contests on your other social media pages as well to optimise them.

Make sure photos are relevant

No matter what content you share on your Instagram profile, make sure that is relevant, engaging, and valuable to your followers. Make sure that the pictures that you are posting are reflective of your brand image.

Take good photos

Instagram’s cool filters can’t make up for a crummy picture, so be sure that the pictures you share are balanced and in focus.