Top 10 Rules of Blogging


10 Rules of Blogging to Follow

Blogs are a spectacular way to achieve your business goals. But are you doing it right? Here are 10 rules of blogging for you to follow so that you receive the best response.

1. Write everyday

Don’t be sporadic about your writing. It is important to write every day, whether or not you publish it. Even if you are writing just a few paragraphs each day, it still helps.  That is the best way to build your blog and your business.

2. Publish your blog once a week

Your blog is a living entity that needs to be fed with new content every so often for it to sustain itself. If your blog is outdated, it will be ignored search engines and with readers, thereby leading to lower traffic, leads, and sales. If you post quality content more frequently, your traffic will increase.

3. Build an email list

Those readers who want to build a relationship with your content and your blog must be identified. It is these readers who will eventually become leads and will share your content online. You should collect their details even if you aren’t selling them anything. This email list will be a valuable business asset.

4. Track everything

Use Google Analytics on your blog to track all data. When you understand how traffic is coming in, what posts are more successful and where people are turning into leads, you will be able to craft your content accordingly.

5. Sell

If you have a product to sell, it is important that you build it up on your blog beforehand. You can use your blog to talk to potential customers about the product, its approach and to demonstrate its technique.

6. Use social media

Social media is key to the success of any digital business venture today. It is where your customers and readers are most present and can be directly targeted. You can use social media platforms to have meaningful conversations with your target audience and possibly convert them on a platform that they can call their own.

7. Make sure your blog looks terrific

Your blog has to appeal visually to the people it is attracting. The sheer amount of competition out there means that you attain just one chance to make a marvelous first impression in the minds of your reader. A spectacular looking blog can help you do that.

8. Have a specific call to action

Readers will come to your blog but will not know what to do unless you provide them
with a specific call to action. Unless you ask, it will be difficult to get re-tweets, subscribers, comments, or clients. Offer valuable content in return for action.

9. Be mindful about SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best and most reliable way to drive targeted customers to your blog. There are many SEO tactics that you can use to ensure that your blog features among the top rankings in Google’s search results.

10. Remember that your blog is only a marketing tool

Your blog is only a tool with which you can achieve your business goals. So use it wisely.