New Year, New Business Goals

New Business GoalsJanuary is the prefect time to sit down and make a list of business goals for the new year. Whether you want to take the leap with a new start-up or are looking to grow your existing business, planning out what you want to accomplish can help you stay motivated and on task all year.

Here are 4 business goal ideas to get you started:

Lower your expenses: Take a realistic look at 2016’s business expenses and ask yourself which ones are higher than they should be. Brainstorm ways to decrease everyday expenses like buying office supplies in bulk, or re-evaluating the vendors you
work with. I bet you’ll find ways to cut costs and trim corners that can even make your business run more smoothly.

Get more customers: Make 2016 a success by reviewing last year’s marketing plan to see what worked, and more importantly, what didn’t. Social media and online
advertising are more affordable than ever before, so if you aren’t advertising online it’s time to start. Make a list of stores you’d like to develop a wholesale relationship with or customers who need your service, and reach out to them to pitch your business.

Remember not to let no’s slow you down. Every time you hear a no ask why, and learn from the answer.

Learn something new: Growing your business is a constant learning opportunity. Read business books, take a marketing course or join a networking group to learn about an aspect of your business you feel could use your attention. With each new skill you learn you’ll be adding valuable knowledge to your business.

Take time for you: As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to let your business take over your life. Don’t forget to make time for friends, family and even just some time to yourself everyday. Set yourself work hours, and strive to work within them so you don’t get burned out. Evaluate what aspects of your business cause the most stress, and look for ways to automate tasks or out-source to create more time for you.

Whatever your business goals for 2016, make sure they are achievable, quantifiable and have a time frame. Creating achievable goals will help keep you motivated because
each time you meet one you’ll know you can go even farther. Quantifying your business goals with specific numbers, for example growing your customer base by 20%, will give
you something to strive for and let you know when you’ve met your goal. Lastly, placing your goals within a time frame will help you stay on task, and help you update your approach throughout the year.