Make Your Customers Fall in Love

Fall in LoveIt’s that time of year when people’s fingers start itching to pen a kind word or two. They may get out a pair of scissors and snip paper into the shape of a heart. Or they might browse online in search of the perfect e-card. Whatever method they choose, people use Valentine’s Day to let others know how much they’re appreciated.
At my company, we think it’s great to receive love letters — whether they’re from friends, love interests, or even customers. It always feels good to be appreciated. And it’s nice to know you’re making someone’s life a little better. Isn’t that why a lot of us went into business — to make other’s lives simpler, easier, better?  Of course, love letters from customers aren’t usually your typical sugary, “roses-are-red” variety. If you want to make your customers fall so in love with your company that they want to write you love notes, you need to deliver the following.

1. Simplify Your Customers’ Lives.

Your customers will love it if the product or service you offer makes their lives easier. Do your customers delight in using it every time? It needs to make them wonder how they ever lived without it. Think about the “why” you do what you do. And think about your customers long and hard. Are their lives simpler because of your product? Is your own life easier for using it? If you can answer a definitive “yes,” then you’re well on your way.

2. Make People Feel Good and Appreciated.

The people on your staff who deal directly with customers need to act like they truly want to help them. Instead of focusing on how many customers they can knock off their call lists, allow them to take their time with each customer. Encourage your staff to use customers’ names in conversations and to really be on the side of the customer and make it personal. Are your employees really listening to your customers and treating them as friends?  Of course, your staff also needs to be knowledgeable about your product so that they can fix problems and answer questions easily. And your team should always strive to put a smile on a customer’s face by the end of the call or visit. Make it a goal to turn that disgruntled customer into a happy one!

3. Give them gifts.

Not literal gifts, although if that’s something you do around the holidays, or just because, I’m not going to tell you not to! But what I mean is figuratively wrap your product and other offerings — such as content, updates, new features — so well and make them so helpful that your customers will feel like you’ve given them a gift.