Become a G.O.A.L. Digger

Been sitting at your desk all day, and nothing seems to be getting done?  You make your plan for the day and on paper it looks great, then you sit down to get it done and you end up scrolling Facebook.  My suggestion, get yourself a G. O. A. L. group!  I know, I know; Shawana, what is a G. O. A. L. group?  Well let me start by telling you about mine.

The G. O. A. L. group that I am a member of was created by educator, designer, soloPROneur and friend, T. N. King.  We meet several times a month (when schedules allow) to discuss our businesses, our lives and our GOALS.  I have found that sitting with this group of knowledgeable and successful entrepreneurs has helped me to maintain my sanity (now that I think about it, I should probably schedule a meeting.)

We have grown into an amazing network of people that knows that at any moment you have access to people that you can lean on each other for support, a great laugh, honest feedback and the occasional great meal.

Back away from your desk, call up those people in your life who are also entrepreneurs,