Owning 2017

Hey My Loves,

So…. we have officially closed out 2016. YAY!!! It’s now time to tackle 2017.  Wait….is that hesitation I’m sensing from you? Is that fear I see in your eyes?  I get it, but WE are going to OWN 2017!!  Here’s what I had to do and I’m sharing it with you, because…I LOVE YOU!!  First I literally had to

Get Back To The Basics

Ask yourself – “Why did I start this business?  Truth – For me it started out as a hobby.  I started helping friends and eventually my husband launch their business ventures.  That’s when I realized I could make a living doing what I love and hopped into business mode.  My #1 piece of advice – Do what you LOVE.  Yes, SEO is important. Yes, website design is important. Sure, social media is important, but all that comes back to doing what you love.

Oh, I see – you want to move forward NOW! You want to move fast and make that magical six figures.  Believe me, I get it but right now – step back and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.  You are a photographer – just take pictures.  You are a creative – go create. You are an author – go sit in that comfy chair with your cup of coffee and write.  After you have your images, your art, your story then you can formulate a plan. *GASP* I hear you, it’s ass backwards right. it’s completely different from everything else that we have read.  Yeap…I read that blog too, but it’s what WE – yes WE are going to do and it’s going to work. 

Celebrate Your Wins

Yes, we get to celebrate early. Celebrate that WIN.  A win is anything from writing and publishing a blog post to setting up that social media account.  It could be taking a course or outlining your own course.  Did someone like that last Instagram post? WIN! Someone commented on Facebook? WIN! watch out now, someone re-tweeted that Tweet. Double WIN!  It’s easy to get caught up in the million followers trap while chasing those six figures but it shouldn’t be your immediate goal.

Another truth…I failed to do this next step in 2016.


I was told once…or maybe I read it… If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  You can’t set up social media and neglect it (guilty).  You can’t crank out random content that is completely unrelated to anything else or put out a couple topics and stick only to them (also guilty).  You can, however, use a scheduling app like Buffer or Hootesuite to schedule posts so your content gets out there and ready to be picked up.

Now, for something I know I should do and failed at miserably in 2016 (my bad damn). Each blog post should have great graphics. I recommend a Pinterest friendly (vertical) image with big, bold, bright text.  Then a horizontal image for Facebook sharing and while we are at it, let’s do a square one for Instagram.  You can use Picmonkey or Canva (Thanks Tracie) to design these images.

Okay! Okay! Okay! I know this is a lot My Love, so we will talk more about Owning 2017 next week.