Hey Loves,

Now, I know last week we had a lot to talk about, and we agreed to finish up this week.  To be completely honest, there really isn’t that much left to discuss.

Last week we talked about getting back to the basics, celebrating the wins and planning.  We are going to hash out a few more things then we are going to…

Own 2017 Like A Boss

We already agreed that we aren’t going to obsess over any details at first.  That WE were going to focus on creating the content, because if we don’t have that, everything else is pointless anyway. WE are going to go the extra mile when creating the content and the rest will fall into place.  Not like magically, but – you get the point.

Now WE, yes, WE have to…


Start tracking your stats right away, but again, don’t obsess. Seeing that on day 30 you had 14 visits to your blog or website and on day 90 you had 50 is hella (yes MOM, its a word) motivational. WIN!!!!

Avoid Negativity 

Here’s the thing about this though.  There is a difference between negativity an bluntness.  Steer clear of the Negative Nancy type people.

Now that’s done … Let’s own 2017!  The possibilities are ENDLESS.