You’re So Full of It!!

Hey Lovelies!

I have an idea! Well actually I have a lot of ideas…Professional leaders and entrepreneurs usually have one major characteristic in common when it comes to ideas – their cup runneth over. At this point I have several cups – I’m going to need a mop! I am full of ideas. My list of ideas if I wrote it out on one sheet of paper might circle the earth – a couple of times. I think you are getting my point here.

So a problem I face is figuring out when I will get that extensive list done. It doesn’t stop me from coming up with new product ideas, partnership ideas, or programs I want to create. And because in my family, circle of friends, and business associates I am known as the idea person and the one with great creativity – others recruit me. So then I have their ideas as well as my ideas to handle.

Lovely – does this sound like you? Can you relate?

Here is what I have come to realize – There is nothing wrong with being super creative. It;s a trait that many people value and admire. It’s why others are always asking me (and you) for ideas. The problem is having so many ideas often makes me feel like I will never get anything done. Sometimes I feel paralyzed by my ideas.  So what do you if you are an idea making machine but fall a little short on the execution side?

The first step – Celebrate your ability to generate ideas.  

Of course there is more you can do…but let’s just celebrate our abilities for now. I’ll have more to share with you about managing your lists of ideas next week.