From Fans to Forever Fanatics

Hello February – the month of love and passion.

This is when people get all googly-eyed and slap-happy with love or, at least, the idea of it. Whether it’s passion, love, infatuation or just a sugar rush, it starts to take over our commercials, our Insta feeds, and our beloved Target dollar spot (I mean really, if you don’t love that place you have no soul).

How would you feel if you knew your ideal client so well you were in a relationship with them before you ever exchanged business?  Pretty powerful right!  Marketing at it’s core, is the place where successful companies are made, and asking one specific question can be a great first step to getting you and your prospect aligned and moving toward closing the sale.  Are you ready for that question?

That question is, “Who’s your who”?  This question gets you thinking big picture.  The who is “outward in” instead of “inward out” think of that when you ask “What’s your why?”  As you get clearer and clearer on your who, you get down to the most specific common denominators of your potential customers.

You cannot be all things to all people, try as you may.  This is why you get frustrated selling your products and services.  You think everyone would benefit from what you offer.  And, even though they might appear that way on paper, break them down into your “Who’s who.”  Break them down into distinct groups, needs, beliefs, and opinions as to what they need and why they need it.  So take your ideal client and you’ll be well on your way to creating a forever fanatic.