AHA Moments (Feeling like Oprah)

Hey Loves,
This week I had a few Aha! moments (in my Oprah voice) in my business that made me realize I really Love My Business.


After sitting kind of stagnant for a few weeks, I got a call from a potential client who needed me.

After having a stuffy “uber” professional conference call that I think I honestly slept through, there was the “after talk” and I made some awesome contacts and got a few referrals, because “you’re just so darn funny and you know your shit”
I love being “me”. Part intuitive – part book worm – all Sass

Lesson learned: when you bring you to the table, in all your uniqueness, magic happens. That’s what people see, feel and resonate with.


Loving your business, growing your business, and working your business isn’t always “pretty”. Shit will go wrong, the unexpected will happen, you will get bored, uninspired and just plain tired, but you can still LOVE what you do!


Find the things you LOVE about it. Find ways you can be seen being “You” Do the things that bring you back into alignment. Above All else…


Sounds simple huh, but we know things are often easier said than done. But hey, through it all, good bad and ugly, you may just find your own Aha! moments.