Build A Business Your Customers Will Love

Hey Loves,

I strongly believe that every place you spend time at on the web should offer a return on your investment.  Your online storefront should drive sales; your blog should continuously attract new readers and visitors.  Your social media should engage and grow your presence and your Pintrest account should drive steady traffic to your website.

First things first, lets make sure you’ve got the following polished and perfected before worrying about anything else.  These are the most important points for your business.

Your Storefront

This is the money spot, but not always the most important.  Many people will buy into the ambience and atmosphere you create…they want to experience a piece of your business.  For example, think about your favorite booth at an art show – the one that draws you in from across the room.  The booth that offers an experience and you feel compelled to take a piece of it home.  In turn think about what your bran represents; is it warm? Magical? Cozy? Bright? Innovative? Dainty? What adjective describes it best?

Once you have designed your brand, take a moment to self-critique your online storefront: does your shop send that message upon arrival? What might you do to create an ambience that compels your visitor to take a piece of your business home.

Your Blog

I feel very strongly about blogging, and I urge all creatives to do it.  A blog is like an ongoing conversation between you and your customer (reader).  It’s a living active form of communication, an you’re able to showcase so much more than just your product.  A blog is where “your people” can really get to know you better.  By sharing your thoughts and feelings, it makes you relatable, and helps your customers feel understood.

Your Social Media Accounts

In the beginning, time is most definitely on your side.  Create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and wherever else you think your customers like to hang out.  You don’t necessarily need to use all these accounts often or long-term, but you’ll find that at least two social media outlets will be critical to your business’ success.

Remember it’s always about them! 

As you’re building your presence online, please remember this advice written by Claude Hopkins in the 1920’s:

Remember the people you address are selfish, as we all are.  They care nothing about your interests or your profit.

Therefore, any interactions you have on social media should be catered towards them.  Do you like to be referred to as “fans” or “followers”? I sure don’t!  I call my community what they are: My Loves and they are precious to me.  I write to them with the utmost gratitude, keeping in mind that they have invited and accepted me into their lives.

And there you have the basic componets of a successful online platform.  When you look at the big picture, it’s not all that complicated, is it?  Each point of your online web has a job to do; spend a lot of time polishing and perfecting these points so that you can rest easy knowing they’ll perform long term.