Is Your Business Vacation Ready?

Hey Loves,

Summer time is once again upon us.  That means it’s once again time for beach days and warm weather travel (in my case hot as hell weather). This year we, yes we, are actually going to take a vacation.  I have found some great tips to make sure that we can have a vacation that is as relaxing as you would like it to be.

Ways to Make Your Business Vacation-Ready

Use project management software.

17 Hats and Asana are just a couple examples of project management software you can use to have a clear understanding of what’s going on in your business. How is each project moving along? When is my next to-do due? To prepare for my time away, I made sure to schedule everything for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – while I skipped Thursday and Friday.  That way, I’m not overlooking or skipping anything; I’m simply shifting my work forward to next week.

Set an away message for your e-mail Inbox.

We use Gmail, which offers us an opportunity to schedule a ‘Vacation Responder’ while we’re away. I set up the Vacation Responder to let our Clients and prospective Clients know we’ll have limited access to email for the next couple of days!

Schedule emails in advance.

Want an email to send while you’re away? We use Boomerang for Gmail, and it works wonders!  It’s a great way to ensure emails are sent within business hours, even when you’re working outside of business hours!

Schedule blog posts and social media in advance.

Using WordPress allows us to schedule each blog post accordingly. Each post can be written in advance, and scheduled to appear as it normally would — even though we’re away. Then, we schedule each post to go ‘LIVE’ on Facebook, too

Turn push notifications off.

Finally, prepare yourself for vacation. Turn your push notifications off on your phone, so you can truly be present. More often than not, Clients are incredibly understanding of your need for balance. It’s important to use your time well and truly ‘vacate.’