Hey Loves,

I now it’s been a while and for that I would like to apologize, I have been super distracted.  Distracted by my surroundings, distracted by my emotions, distracted by my personal life.  Just distracted .  Those distractions have led to not only neglecting you guys, but also neglecting my business.  While trying to sort out what was causing me to be so distracted and what was preventing me from simply getting it together, I started to wonder …

How Do You Deal With Distractions?

For me while searching through the last few months of my life I realized my distractions started in full force on May 21st.  I know this because that’s the day my life somersaulted.  I got the call that morning that my mother had passed and the truth is, I haven’t been able to “get right” since.  Sure life goes on and my days have continued as usual but I noticed today while riding with my husband that I hadn’t been in my office to actually work in months.  Right now my desk is an absolute mess, scratch that, my entire office is a mess.  It has become a catch all.

My chaotic desk

My desk is covered in everything from stuff that needs to be filed, worked on, sorted and paid and manicure kits that I haven’t taken the time to use.

More of my office

Aha Moment – As I am writing this, it dawns on me  why I have been avoiding my office, opting instead to hang out in the kitchen and “attempt” to work from the table there.

Memorial Flag

The flag presented to my baby brother and I during my mothers funeral which is directly across from my desk – directly in my line of sight should I look up from my computer at any moment.   Major distraction to my emotions.

Now I realize that I’m not the first person in the history of people to lose a parent and I certainly won’t be the last, but, somewhere in there I lost my desire.  My passion faded but now My Loves, it’s time I shake it off and get back to work.  Step 1 – Clean that damn office, and figure out how to go around road blocks, emotional and otherwise, without allowing myself to become “frozen” by distractions.

Tell me how you do it? I could use the pointers.