Why & How To Choose A Word For Your Year

Hey Loves,

Does it seem like everyone is choosing a “Word of the year”?  Does it put you off because you don’t want to be like everyone else?  I sort of felt the same way, but I chose a word anyway in 2017.

Choosing a word for 2017 proved to be a great inspiration and motivator.  I found myself thinking about “Possibilities” in any situation.  Focusing on that word really helped me through the tough parts of the year.  Honestly, it motivated every part of my life.  Settling on a word for 2018 is proving more difficult.  There are several contenders, including “Slay” and “Accomplish”.

Why choose a personal word of the year?

Is your mind filled to the brim with things you need and want to do?  You may find that choosing a personal motivational word will ground you and give you something to refer to every day.  Having one word to describe what you want to DO or BE for the year will give you focus and help you take positive steps to “Build Your Best Life”.

How to Choose A Word?

Grab a piece of paper, your planner, a journal, or open a word doc on your computer.  Yes, I am a huge fan of writing things down.  It helps define and organize your thoughts.  Plus you are more likely to DO or REMEMBER things after writing them down.

Make a list of the things you would like to focus on this year.  What do your things have in common?  You should notice a theme emerging.  For example, is your list mainly about decluttering or organizing?  Then your word should be “SIMPLIFY”.  Are you mostly wanting to concentrate on improving your finances, paying off debt, building savings or maybe learning to be grateful for what you have even while trying to better your situation?  Then perhaps “ABUNDANCE” or “INCREASE” would work.

What word have you run across lately that you just love and will fit several aspects of your life?  If the word is talking to you then go with it.  Sometimes the motivational word itself becomes the goal.  Some suggestions for using your word to stay focused:

  • make your word a mantra or chant
  • create printable artwork in Canva or PicMonkey, frame, and display
  • If your artwork is digital, make your own phone lock screen or computer background
  • Ask yourself if whatever you are currently doing fits your focus word.

Give it some thought and then let me know what you focus word is for 2018.