Welcome 2018

Hey My Loves,

A new year signifies new beginnings and of course new opportunities.  To prepare yourself what may come your way, take a moment to get you business in order from social media and marketing perspective.

We have to get the ball rolling so here are some ways to get our business ready for the new year.

Update Your Social Profiles

Now is the time to update your social media profiles, photos and make sure your links are all working on your websites and platforms.  Think about strengthening your bio, and adding in accomplishments given to you so that people will walk away with a clear idea of your brand and can easily find your contact information.

Get Your Tool Kit In Order

Having a physical and electronic tool kit is a must because it will help you fulfill requests easily and keep you organized.  Review what’s inside and make sure it’s updated with the correct year, season, logo and double check that everything looks consistent.

Put Reading Days on Your Calendar

Reading days allow you to learn, get inspired, and help you understand what’s going on in popular culture.  Often times, setting aside the time to do this is difficult because uou have so many other things to do.  However, if you plan ahead and put these days on your calendar, you will have accounted for them in your schedule.

Commit To A Schedule

Planning ahead and committing to a schedule will help you focus.  Selecting days where you will work on social media, press outreach nd marketing will make these tasks easier.  Providing consistency in your business is a good thing and implementing attainable productivity habits at the start of the year will hopefully lead you to success.  Don’t be afraid to use a timer.  get key events and seasons on your calendar make sure your brand stays relevant to target customers is an important part of building your brand.  This is why you should take time to map out key events and seasons where your brand can shine.

In the end planning and staying organized will help your brand grow an make you more confident.  Getting prepared in the new year will allow you to focus on doing the things you enjoy.

Happy New Year Y’all!