10649668_789384987778236_8132039585645301169_nI’m Shawana and I empower business owners to run high performing businesses by becoming their right hand person for all things related to online media and marketing, and time consuming clerical duties. Through ongoing support, you’ll be able to effectively use the latest online, social media and marketing tools to generate more business and have more time to do the work you love.

I started this business to have a portable career and to work with those brave women and men who took the leap to go out on their own. I’m passionate about supporting your desire for freedom, flexibility and a booming business!

I can help you to free up your time to focus on the business and work you love to do. I can take on all the tasks that need to get done but you’d rather not do yourself. I can support your business to help it grow like you want it to.


Find out how others are delegating and thriving.

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